Open Letter to all of my students:

Posted by Emily Bertrand on November 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM

A few things I would like you to know….

First thing I want you to know that I BELIEVE IN YOU!! If I am your coach please know that if I didn’t believe in you I wouldn’t teach you. So you might be a nervous rider, timid person, a novice rider whatever….. I don’t think any less of you for it ( I’m always up for a challenge anyway) and yes I still believe in you. Why?? Because I know you have what it takes to be great and reach your goals. How do I know this?? Well it’s more personal to me than you may realize but because I know what it takes to get there. I know what it takes to overcome the: fear, confidence, road blocks, and all the other things that might be in your way right now. I know that if I have been able to overcome so many challenges in my life and against all odds have made it this far, then you can too!! Sure things don’t always go as planned, they rarely ever do. If you want to achieve your goals I know you will get there and I will believe in you and do my best to support you every step of the way! Even when you have doubts please know that I don’t have any and I know that you will succeed as long as you keep trying. I am your #1 fan!

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to teach you! I enjoy teaching and I appreciate the opportunity to share what I know and have learn’t with you. Thank You for giving me the chance to be a part of your success as a rider. I love watching you improve. Because I am a big dreamer and a very goal oriented person, I get great satisfaction from seeing you achieve your goals no matter how big or small they may seem. I love being a part of it.

Let’s face it I am obsessed with my passion for horses. I have been afflicted with this since the first time I sat on a horse. I love sharing my passion with others, and yes you help fuel my addiction!! What you might not know is that I think about you often (insert some kind of creepy sound).I’m always thinking of ways I may be able to help a horse or rider and what I can do to help you or your horse improve. I may not always tell you but please know the wheels are always turning.

I selfishly want to see you become as passionate as I am. I want to enjoy with you the instant gratification you experience when things start to work/fall into pace. Why is that? Because it makes me happy and fuels my addiction it’s really that simple!

I promise to always try to do my best by you and support you. I pride myself in being very fair and honest horseperson, and as upfront as I possibly can be. I do have a secret though: because I am fueled by my passion it makes me extremely biased.

Because I’m generally a very upfront kind of person if you do something I don’t like/agree or whatever else it may be, I will probably tell you right then and there. Basically if I know you fairly well, there is little I will hold back and I will be to the point. It doesn’t mean that I hate you or that I’m mad at you. I like to deal with things in the moment. IF I happen to be a bit annoyed don’t worry it will pass. I forgive and forget very quickly that’s the benefit to dealing with things right away I don’t hold it in and let it smolder; I just take care of it and move on. Life is just too short!

I have had a few students in the past that have treated me/their parents/peers terribly. I have allowed the few spoiled and entitled students to be: rude, disrespectful, selfish, and downright rotten as they seemed to truly believe the world revolved around them. I had given a huge part of myself to these people because I could see the good and the opportunity for positive changes, and I still believed in them even though they had a shitty attitude. However, I have learn’t a great deal from these experiences. So please know if you become one of these people I will have NO patience for you and I will not waste my time with you. Please make a mental note to remember this: riding is a privilege not a right, your horse owes you nothing, I genuinely enjoy my time with you, and I choose to continue teaching you because I love to share my passion not because I’m getting paid to do a job . I choose to share my farm, horses, and time with you. I consider it a great privilege to be able to have such an incredible farm and supportive family and group of riders around me, and yes I expect you to see it the same way too.

If you want a career with horses and want to come to my farm to; help out, learn, ride and just be around the horses. Please know that I will be very happy to help you to learn and gain the experience, and provide you with opportunities. However I work hard to be able to afford the horses and things that I have. If I let you ride them It’s because I feel you have earned it and I trust you. I am paying the bill for my horses and I’m not going to subsidize your riding just because you want to ride extra horses. You need to work for it. You can learn a great deal just from being around the barn and helping out. If you help out I do expect you to be a good help. Even if you aren’t being paid I do expect you to work hard, and yes I will notice and remember this for when additional opportunities arise. Pay attention and keep your eyes open, you will learn a great deal just though osmosis if you pay close attention.

If you are unsure about something, need clarification or whatever else. Don’t be shy please ask me! Sorry but I have yet to master the skill of reading minds – a very cool superpower that I just sadly do not possess. So please don’t be shy speak up when appropriate and don’t be afraid to share the good, the bad and the ugly with me. I love to hear from you and I don’t bite… but just in case you are concerned that I might please have some piece of mind in knowing that; I am completely up to date on vaccinations.

All this to say I want you to know; I will be loyal to you, I trust you with my horses/farm, I will support you, I am always happy to get your feedback, I love the horses and will always put the horses welfare first, I do not have all the answers, I have my strengths and weaknesses and I accept them, I am not always right, I will work hard and try my best, I want to enjoy and have fun, and I am committed to continually learning. In return what do I expect from you?? Exactly the same thing!! As the saying goes “ do onto others as you would like them to do onto you”,


Emily Bertrand



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