Will your attitude make you or break you??

Posted by Emily Bertrand on July 13, 2014 at 10:55 PM

Attitude plays a huge role in being successful as a rider in any discipline at any level. Now of course attitude also goes hand in hand with hard work! That is if you want to actually get somewhere assuming you’re not just content with coasting along.

So how does attitude help or hinder our success as riders? One thing that is for sure  our attitude affects how we ride, how we learn, and our support system that we surround ourselves with.

The answer is simple:

A negative attitude = negative impact

A positive attitude = positive impact

We learn some of our greatest lessons by making mistakes. If we choose to deal with these mistakes by getting upset, taking it out on others, blaming our horse, coach, weather, etc. we are choosing to deal with it in a way that has a negative impact not only on our support network (parents, grooms, friends etc.) but it also prevents you from really being able to gain and learn from the experience. If we want to keep improving we need to learn, in order to learn we must try, in trying we will make mistakes, in the process of making mistakes we will figure out how to do it correctly.

Next time you make a mistake while riding – check your response on how you deal with it. Are you making the most of it or are you choosing to adopt a negative attitude?

Attitude doesn’t just extend to what’s happening on your horse. It’s present in your self talk, in the barn, around your peers, and in how you choose to perceive others.

When you see a rider making a mistake do you think; “haha that’s a crappy rider” or do you think to yourself “good for them they are getting that much closer to mastering it”?

Here is just one example that I’ve seen many times. You proably know or have known someone like this. It mostly occurs in older teens/young adults. They idolize upper level riders and they have this idea that the only way they are going to get good is if they get one really expensive horse, pay to go to a bunch of shows, buy expensive equipment etc…. What’s worng with that? – Well nothing however it’s the attitude that follow’s it that is the crucial piece to this puzzle.

So here it is: They passed on riding other horses because the horse isn’t fancy enough or athletic enough or whatever other reason there is. They won’t attend educational sessions or even just watch others riding if it doesn’t involve them sitting on a horse or watching one of their friends. They have a sense of entitlement, they think they are too good to muck stalls and do barn chores because they are a cut above that job. They take their frustration with their own lack of ability out on their horse, they expect the horse to perform as a machine. It should be perfect all the time. When it’s not IF the horse doesn’t get blamed for it then next in line for the blame is; the coach, the weather or whatever else they concoct to make them selves feel better about their shortcomings .

These are the ones with the negative attitudes that are most damaging and the ones to stay far away from. .. IF this is you – I feel bad for you as your missing out on so much. Basically you have two choices your better quit now because your going to spend a lot of money in a sport that you will never get anywhere with due to your crappy attitude OR SUCK IT UP!!

Work hard, get dirty, learn from others around you, embrace your mistakes. Take yourself down a notch and change your attitude to a positive one.

A positive attitude will not only make others look at you in a different light it will have a huge impact on your success as a horse person. Your horses will respond better to you, more people will want to be a part of your support network, you will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from every situation, and your positive attitude will rub off on others. I’m not saying you need to go around and be fake with others – but just to simply look at things from a positive perspective.


We are all our own worst critics, and this is ok!! But be sure to fill that with positive thoughts and self talk – you will have so much more to gain from it if you do. Plus what do you have to lose by being more positive with yourself?!!

Almost everyone (I’m just generalising here) is often quick to judge others but slow to give praise and that’s usually how they treat themselves as well. When was the last time you told your self any of the following; wow I did a great job today, I got this, I don’t have it yet but every mistake I’m making is getting me closer to where I want to be, I have some work to do but I was amazing today and so on….

SO what is the key to being a successful horse person and rider? Adopt a positive attitude!!

Until next time,


A Horse lover who is excited for all the future mistakes I will make and learn from :)


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