Volunteer Program


 Our barn wouldn't be what it is withough all the help and support from our students and local comunity. We appreciate our students loyalty,  inniative, and hard work to help make our farm a better place and with that we try to give our students many opportunities to learn, grown, and gain valuable work experience and references.


Co-Operative Education and Work Experience

We work with the local school boards and offer Co-Operative Placements. We will accept  2 high school students per semester horse experience is prefered but not mandatory. Students learn what it takes to work on a working horse farm and gain  valuable work experience while obtaining their high school credits. Please talk to your guidance councelor  or co-op placement teacher first before applying.


High School Community Service Hours and Work Experience

Before graduating it is now mandatory that High School Students obtain a minimum of 40 Community Service hours. We offer students the opportunity to earn their comunity service hours with us  as well as gain valuable work experience. Duties will range from general clean up, grooming, paddock maintence,  to helping clients tack up/untack their horses for lessons. Community service hours must be booked in advance with us and if unable to attend we ask for 24hr notice.


Volunteer Work Days

We host special clean up and work days where we reach out and ask our friends, students and local comunity to help us out. It's a lot of work to keep our place looking good and we are continually trying to improve our farm and we couldn't do it without your help and support!

Yes these work days are a lot of work but also fun and rewarding! It's a chance to be among friends and meet other members of REC as well as help us make our farm a better place. For every hour worked and/or project completed depending on the day/tasks we will provide our voulenteers with raffle tickets and with that they will have the chance to win great some great prizes such as free lessons and tack!

We are looking for volunteers for our;

  • 2 Spring Clean Up Days
  • 2 Spring Open Houses
  • In House Fun Shows
  • Property & Paddock Maintence Day's


Little rider working hard!

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