Rider Development and Training Programs

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These training programs are designed with an emphasis on ensuring that students receive an comprehensive well rounded education aimed towards riders that are passionate about horses and have a drive and desire to improve and succeed. The programs are to aid in developing quality well educated horsemen/women. Weather you would like to persue a career in the equine industry, be sucessful in competition or simply just love horses and want to improve your skills and education this program is for you.

For any athlete to become sucessful they need thousands of hours of coaching and practice time  but in the equestrian sport riders also need to be well educated when it comes to their horse. The horse is your partner and relies heavily on us to ensure that they are happy, healthy, fit, and well cared for. Riders must know and understand their horse and  you can never stop learning!  In order to be sucessful you need to have a strong education and balance between your riding skills and horsemanship.

Rider Development Team Program

A comprehensive training program for riders dedicated to improving their knowledge and skills to acheive their personal best allowing them to reach their goals and dreams!

Included in this program

  • Twice per week  Level/Skill Appropriate Team Riding Lesson (30min private, semi-private dressage, group jumping) 
  • Once per week Choice of:  Additional Lesson or Training Ride Per Week (add a second choice for an additional $100/mth)
  • Monthly Fun Riding Sessions including Dressage Test Practice, Mounted Lunging Session, Jumping Practice, Musical Ride,  Special Un Mounted Centered Riding Seminars and more
  • Regular Educational Sessions/Clinic's
  • Group Sessions with Isabelle Aube (sports psycology, performance improvement, athletic conditioning ect.)
  • Summer Yoga For Riders or Other Special Team Sessions
  • Free and Unlimited acess to REC Comprehensive Equine Library
  • Parent/Rider & Coach Meetings, Goal Setting, Performance Evaluation. (Twice Per Year or as Requested)
  • Personal fitness & ride plan for you and your horse

Special Team Perks & Discounts

  • Special Discounts & Rates on additional Riding Clinics & Events
  • Tiered Discount Program on Competing at Horse Shows
  • Special Team Get Together
  • 6 classes at our in house fun show


Monthly Fee $425 Or $375 for Boarders/Leasors

All programs are based on 4 weeks per month and require a minimum commitment for the semester.

Isabelle Aube is a strong valuble asset to our program she is a certified fitness professional with extensive equestrian knowledge and background, she has been sucessfully working with riders from beginner to grand prix in the area's of; mental preperation, fitness, nutrition, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation, sports psycology, athletic conditioning, improving performance in the saddle and much more. Please visit her website at http://www.isabelle-aube.com  Regular group sessions covering the above mentioned  topics will be included in the Performance + program, after each session Isabelle will be available for a limited number of private consultations for $75 these must be booked in advance.

Please CLICK HERE to view our Tentative Team Calendar - Will give you a good idea of what we have in store!

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