Royale Equestrian Centre

Striving to develop/maintain happy, quality, well trained horses & to provide horse owners/riders with a fun and safe place to ride, where we will treat your horse like one of our own!


Riding & Lesson Programs


Lesson packages are available for all levels of riders that are dedicated to learning and improving their skills. No matter your riding goals are; big or small, we can help you reach them one step at a time!! Opportunities also exist for students to lease and show at local Bronze/Silver hunter/jumper shows, silver/gold dressage, and in eventing across Ontario, Quebec and the USA.

 Our horses are very well schooled and maintained we make sure that they are kept happy, in good health, sound, and fit. They range from beginner safe mounts to advanced schoolmasters and all are quality show mounts suitable from Bronze to Gold level shows.

In striving to develop well-educated riders we offer a competitive program that is; fun, comprehensive, and affordable to ensure our students are getting the riding instruction and education they need to reach their goals! While not everyone can commit to riding 5-6 days per week, riders who seriously wish to improve their skills require more time in the saddle. We realize that a lesson once per week just isn't enough so we have developed a fantastic and proven competitive program that is not only suitable for riders wishing to compete but also for non competing riders who simply want to learn, improve and enjoy! 

Regular once per week lessons are available as space permits and on a limitied basis. Our mission is to to produce educated riders and maintain a fun, family friendly, team atmsophere.  With the large demand and waiting lists for our programs and services  students wishing to participate in the Pony Club and/or our Rider Development Program take priority when we are scheduling for the semester.

New students are welcome to join at any time as scheduling permits. Post dated cheques dated to the first of each month are required for the length of the semester. Payment must be submitted on or before the 15th of the month prior to the start of the new semester to ensure your spot in our program.

CURRENTLY WE ARE FULL - There is room for 1-2 students in our competitive program. For regular weekly riding lessons please ask about being placed on our waiting list.

            Programs and Monthly Rates (including HST) 

           Rider Development/ Competitive Rider Program-  Using a school horse: $425  Boarders/ Leasers: $375

·         2 weekly lessons Semi-Private Dressage / Group Jumping

·         Once Per Month special dressage and/or jumping practices (during off season)

·         Theory Sessions Minimum of one per month (during off season) topics include; Show Prep, Bandaging, Sports Psychology, Fitness, Riding a better dressage test, walking courses and more..  

·         Add an additional weekly lesson (group or 30min private dressage) or training ride for $100 per month, $115 if riding a school horse.

·         Discounts on trailering and coaching at shows  


Regular Monthly Riding Lessons Very limited spaces (4 lessons per month)

v Private (45min) $265

v Semi Private (1hr- 2-3)$220

v Group (1hr - 4 -6) $200

v Private Lunge Line (1hr 50/50 riding/horse care) $195

Youth Youth ages 8 to 16 enrolled in lessons are required to participate in the Barrhaven Pony Club and/or the Competitive Riding Program


            Regular Monthly Riding Lessons for Boarders/Leasors  No Program Participation (4 lessons per month)

v  Private $245

v  Semi Private $195

v  Group $180

v  Private Lunge Line $185


Spring to Fall Programs
Tiny Tot's Riding Program -  $160 (4 sessions per month)
       Children ages 4 to 7 Summer Semester Only May-Oct Saturday's 4pm-5pm
Please see program information and description below
Show Fees

 $75-      $75 Coaching includes course walk at shows ($50 for any rider with leased/owned horse enrolled in the rider development team program)

                $75-  Use of horse fee for non-leased/owned horses

                Trailering Fees are based on location rates starting at $100 round trip


There are 2 semesters per year:


Winter Semester - December to April

Summer Semester - May to November


When signing up for lessons/programs due to all of the effort taken to prepare and plan our semester incluing special clinics/educational sessions. We require a commitment for the semester. New riders may join at any time that space permits. Registration is first come-first serve. In the event you cannot complete the semester a admin fee of $40 per month or $10 per week whichever is less for the remainder of the semester will apply. Before deciding to commit you can participate in one or two trial lessons to make sure our programs are for you.




Make-Up Lessons

Make-up lessons may be available to those students who give a minimum of 48hour cancellation notice or if canceled due to extreme temperatures. Lessons will be available on scheduled make up lesson days/slots and must be taken within 60 days of the canceled lesson. If you cannot make your chosen booked make up lesson or additional riding session you will loose your lesson/session and there will be no carry over of missed additional riding sessions. Make up lessons may not necessarily be the same type of lesson (i.e. a missed private might be made up as a group, etc...). For some riders the option of doing a practice ride in lieu of a missed lesson is also available.


Payment for the semester must be provided either by post dated cheques for the 1st of each month or alternatively you may pay up front for the entire semester and receive a 5% discount on the total. A late fee of $25 is charged if payment is received after the 2nd of the month and a $35 NSF Fee is charged for returned cheques.

Competitive Program

We are proud to offer our students the opportunity to compete on lovely well schooled horses and we offer many wonderful learning opportunites. We travel to most local Silver and Gold Dressage Shows, we travel extensively to local, national, and American 3 Day Events/Horse Trials, as well as a handful of local Bronze/Silver Hunter/Jumper Shows. Students are welcome to compete as little or as much as they like! There is no pressure, we will help you prepare for the shows and give you the tools and experience necessary to be sucessful in reaching your goals.

Tiny Tots & Young Equestrians Riding Program

Special programs developed for children ages 4 to 7year old. This is a fun interactive and educational program that gives children the chance to learn about and experience horses and riding. Students will learn all about basic horsemanship including; handling and safety, parts of the horse/tack, grooming and riding. Not only will this program give your child a great start and experince to riding there is also a emphasis on developing; team work, co-operation, communication, respect, responsibility and work ethic.

Sessions Runs from May to October 2013

Tiny Tots ages 4 to 7 Saturday's 4pm to 5pm (4 per month)

This introductory program is for children and their parents interested in becoming better acquainted with horses and is geared to those wishing to introduce their children to the joys of horsemanship in a safe and positive manner. Parents are expected to participate with their child. Rubber boots/paddock boots and a bicycle helmet/riding helmet should be worn by all and children. Parents will be expected to lead their child?s pony for all mounted portions.

Week 1 - The program begins with an introduction to the farm and horses and will include safe behaviour around the barn and correct handling of a horse.

Week 2 ? Grooming and tacking up. All the steps involved in preparing a horse for riding.

Weeks 3+ - Mounted and unmounted instruction with parents leading the pony.

The lessons will be hands on and interactive with lots of fun activities and we often find the parents have just as much fun as the kids working with the horses. Topics covered will include safety, leading horse/pony, grooming, horse/pony care, tacking up, breeds/colours, parts of the tack, riding, balance exercises and much more...

At the end of the session in October students will put on a show for the parents and earn a certificate of completion.

Limited spaces available please sign up early!



Leasing is available to riders who would like to get more time in the saddle to work on what they have been learning in their lessons and preperation before shows. If you are interested in learning more about leasing options please contact us.

A great way to enjoy your favourite horse, get more practice time in, and experience horse ownership with ought all the risk. Half and full leases are available. A half lease means you will have dedicated days where you can ride your lease horse a full lease will provide you with unlimited access to your horse up to 6 days per week. A Rides do not need to be schedule you can show up on your day to ride at what ever time suits best. A full lease will provide you with your leased horse for any clinic or competition you wish to participate in. A half lease will share the horse with another rider and will have shared use for competition, clinics, ect. A minimum of one lesson per week is required when leasing.

The cost of leasing for a full lease is $100 plus the cost of board, vet (herd health & supplements only all other medical expenses covered by REC), and farrier.

A Half Lease is $50 plus half the cost of board, vet (herd health only all other medical expenses covered by REC), and farrier.

If you are a serious competitior and would like to travel and compete heavily though show season then a full lease will be required.








We love horses and sharing our passion for them with others. If you are serious about improving your skills and commtted to learning we would love to hear from you. We proudly maintain a; fun, welcoming, family  friendly atmosphere, with  excellent facilities, lovely well schooled horses, knowledgable coaches,  and plenty of opportunities for youth, competitive and recreational riders.

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