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Riding programs and lesson packages are available for all levels of riders. We don't just teach our students how to ride a horse we teach them proper horsemanship from the ground up.  Instilling good core values such as; patience, work ethic, responsibility, empathy, team work and more... 

Horses are incredible animals that have so much to offer from helping you de-stess after a long day, to enjoying a fun social activity with like minded people.  The immense positive benefits and valuable life lessons they teach are incredible.  Memories and experiences that will last a life time. 

Programs & Lesson Rates 

How it works:  If you are a beginner and new to horseback riding then the best place to start is with one of our well designed programs.  We will teach you everything you need to know about how to ride.  

If you have prior riding experience we will book you in for a trial riding lesson. The trial lesson will give us the opportunity to assess your skill level, discuss goals and make a plan to find the right lesson for your needs. 

Spring 2019 Programs  Starting March 

Tiny Tots Riding Lessons – Wednesdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm Ages 2 to 7

Taught by Tiffany Wallbridge 8 Weeks $375 + tax = $423.75 Starting March 6

Introduction to Horseback Riding – Thursday 6pm to 7:30pm Ages 7 to 15

Taught by Lindsay Calder  8 Weeks $410 + tax = $463.30 Starting March 7

 Youth Rider Level 1 - Saturdays 9am – 10:30am Ages 7 to 15 (some prior basic experience) Taught by Tiffany Wallbridge 8 Weeks $ Weeks $410 + tax = $463.30 Starting March 2  -No class on April 20

Please click on the program name for more details. 

Daytime Homeschooling  Program April to June 

Monday Ages 2 to 5  10:30 am to 12pm

Parents are required to be present. 

Taught by Tiffany Wallbridge 10 Weeks $425 + tax = $480.25


Tuesday Ages 6 to 10 10:30am to 12pm 

Taught by Tiffany Wallbridge - Drop Off Program 10 Weeks $425 + Tax = $480.25

Youth with special needs are welcome to participate. 

Spring 2019 Programs  Starting April  

Tiny Tots Riding Lessons – Saturday 12pm to 1pm  Ages 2 to 7 

Taught by Tiffany Wallbridge 8 Weeks $375 + tax = $423.75 Starting April  27

- No Class May 18 or June 15  (1spot left) 


Introduction to Horseback Riding – Sunday  10:30am - 12pm  Ages 6 to 14

 10 Weeks $510 + tax = $576.39  Starting April 7 

- No class April 21, May 19 or June 16


Youth Rider Level 1 - Sunday  9am – 10:30am Ages 7 to 15 

(demonstrates enough prior basic experience or completed Intro Program) 

10 Weeks $510 + tax = $576.39  Starting April 7 

-No Class April 21, May 19  or June 16


Youth Rider Level 2 Sunday's 4pm - 5:30pm Ages 7 to 15

8 Weeks $410 + tax = $463.30  Starting April 28

- No Class May 19  or June 16

Horses & Art – Wednesdays 6pm – 7:30pm Ages 6 – 15

Taught by Erin Collin Jones 10 Weeks $445 + tax = $502.85 Starting April  17

-No class May 29, 

55+ Riding Program Friday 12pm – 1pm 

Taught by Tiffany Wallbridge 8 Weeks $375 + tax =$463.30

No Class  April 19, May 17, 


Adult Learn to Ride Friday Night – Friday’s 7:30pm – 9pm 

Taught by Lindsay Calder 10 Weeks $510 + tax = $576.39

- No class April 19, May 17, June 14

Please click on the program name for more details 


Semester's are as followed:

Fall - Sept to Dec

Winter  - Jan/Feb

Spring  - March to June

Summer - July/Aug

Regular Monthly Riding Lessons includes 4 lessons per month 

Semi Private and group lessons require that the rider can saftely lead, groom, and tack up a horse on their own. 

Please add 13% HST. Commitment required for the semester.

 Lead Line (1hr Private 50/50  horse care/riding)  $220   Ages 3+ 
  •  Private (45min) $295
  •  Semi Private (1hr 2-3 riders) $255
  •  Group $235  Ages 7+ 
Competitive and Dedicated Rider Program 

Using a school horse: $420  Boarders/ Leasers: $365

  •  2 weekly lessons Semi-Private Dressage / Group Jumping
  • Add an additional weekly lesson (group or 30min private dressage) or training ride for $100 per month, $115 if riding a school horse.
  • Discounts on trailering and coaching at shows   

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