Royale Equestrian Centre

Striving to develop/maintain happy, quality, well trained horses & to provide horse owners/riders with a fun and safe place to ride, where we will treat your horse like one of our own!




We Offer top quality care for your horse at reasonable rates, and since we are in such a great location this means you will be able to spend more time with your horse!!

Additional services may be added to the monthly cost of boarding including; lessons, horse training, exercising, or grooming,  and we can even help you sell your horse or find a new one.

 Our horses are fed very high quality hay/grain and we maintain a regular heard health program which is provided by our vet, regular monthy visits from our farrier and a pasture maintenance program.

If you have any special requirements please contact us  so that we can discuss how we can accomodate your needs.

At Royale Equestrian Centre we pride ourselves on providing our horses with excellent care. We will  keep track all vet, farrier visits, and any important observations, medications, changes in diet, training sessions. We work with a team of  some of the best professionals in the area to make sure we keep the horses happy and healty. We test our hay yearly and have a custom feed and vitamin mineral mix that has been formulated by our vet to ensure optimum nutrition and health. 


Top quality horse care is of great importance to us that is why the following is included in all of our boarding packages at no extra cost:

  • Putting on Flymasks/Fly Spray on All Horses Daily (must be provided by owner)
  • Blanketing Horses as the Weather Dictates
  • Custom Feed and Fitness Plan for your horse
  • Quality Grain fed 2-4 times a day
  • Feeding Horses any Special Supplements (must be purchased by owner)
  • Additional Salt/Electrolytes added to feed during hot weather
  • Premium and Nutritionally ballanced hay- We feed small and large square bales that is grown for REC by our local Greenbelt Farmers and tested yearly.
  • We keep track of all your horses medical and farrier needs. We will schedule appointments and hold your horse for the Vet, Farrier, and Chiropractor.
  • Owners reside at the farm and there is always someone on the property 24-7
  • First Aid for your horse- We will treat any minor medical issues as well as assist the vet and your horse in the event of a emergency.
  • Weekly cleaning of water buckets/troughs

Outdoor Boarding      $450 Includes HST 

  • 24/7 turn out in one of our outdoor board paddocks with acess to shelter
  • Grain fed once or twice a day including splements or medication as required
  • Access to fresh water at all times (heated in winter)
  • High quality free choice hay (large square bales no round bales) 
  • If your horse is required to be on stall rest you will be billed at $10 a day.

Indoor Boarding    $650  Includes HST

  • Daily individual or group  turn out (weather permitting)
  • Putting on/ taking off all boots and blankets as needed
  • Picking out horses feet once brought in from pasture
  • Horses will be fed grain 2 to 3 times a day
  • High quality hay fed indoor and out as required

All boarders and sub leasors are required to participate in a minimum of 4 lessons/ training rides per month.

**Please note that all horses must be up to date on vaccines and coggins and are expected to participate in our herd health program**


Boarding at Royale Equestrian Centre is more than just a place to keep your horse. We provide not only great care, but an exceptional team and atmosphere.  Excellent facilities and location we have a v fun, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Great care is essential but combined with lots of educational opportunities, great people,  and lots of support is what makes our farm truly special. Everyone is a part of the team no matter if you are a pleasure rider or competitor