Royale Equestrian Centre

Striving to develop/maintain happy, quality, well trained horses & to provide horse owners/riders with a fun and safe place to ride, where we will treat your horse like one of our own!




Special New Years Offer if you move your horse between  Jan. 15th - Feb 15th. 

At Royale Equestrian Centre we take great pride in our well run facility, fun friendly atmosphere and most important experienced and quality care.  We offer indoor and outdoor board along with many options to tailor a program that will suit you and your horse. 

We are always happy to take on new boarders (as space permits) that are a good fit for our farm. Riders  and owners who are; friendly, motivated to learn and improve, have a passion for horses, and would like to be apart of our fun dynamic group!

With exceptional location, lovely facilities, and quality experienced staff and coaches our goal is to run a top notch facility with lots of opportunities and fun times. A safe place where everyone is welcome and encouraged to grow, learn and improve. 

Boarding Rates

NEW FOR 2017 - OPTION FOR CO-OP (Self Care) Board - See below for details

 Move your horse between January 15th & February 15th  and receive 3 complimentary riding lessons and  $50 off your first month, and free trailering within 45min radius. Bring a friend and you will both receive $50 off your board for an aditional 2 months!

Full Care Board

All boarders and sub-leasers are required to take a minimum of 4 lessons per month and follow our herd health program administered by our veterinarian Dr. Tiffany Richards of Russell Equine.

Outdoor Boarding      $425 plus HST 

-24/7 turn out in one of our outdoor board paddocks with access to shelter

-Grain fed once or twice a day including supplements or medication as required

-Access to fresh water at all times (heated in winter)

-High quality free choice hay (large square bales no round bales) 

*If your horse is required to be on stall rest you will be billed at $20 per day for the first 2  nights and $10 after that.

Indoor Boarding    $602 plus HST

  • Daily individual or group  turn out (weather permitting)
  • Putting on/ taking off all boots and blankets as needed/  requested
  • Horses will be fed grain fed up to 4 times a day
  • High quality hay fed indoor and out as required

Additional services available including; lessons, training, exercise rides, trailering are available.

Top quality horse care is of great importance to us that is why the following is included in all of our boarding packages at no extra cost:

  • Putting on Flymasks/Fly Spray on All Horses Daily (must be provided by owner)
  • Blanketing Horses as the Weather Dictates & Per owners instructions
  • Custom Feed and Fitness Plan for your horse
  • Quality Grain fed 2-4 times a day
  • Feeding Horses any Special Supplements (must be purchased by owner)
  • Additional Salt/Electrolytes added to feed during hot weather
  • Premium and Nutritionally ballanced hay- We feed small and large square bales that is grown for REC by our local Greenbelt Farmers and tested yearly.  WE DO NOT FEED ROUND BALES.
  • We keep track of all your horses medical and farrier needs. We will schedule appointments and hold your horse for the Vet, Farrier.
  • Owners reside at the farm and there is always someone on the property 24-7
  • First Aid for your horse- We will monitor your horse, and treat any minor medical issues as well as assist the vet and your horse in the event of a emergency. We are experienced with emergency care and keep a small quantity of e emergency supplies and medications on hand to administer by IM or IV if required.
  • Weekly cleaning of water buckets/troughs

The horses at Royale Equestrian Centre are kept on a regular feeding an turn out routine. With as much turn out as possible depending on the horse and weather conditions. Indoor boarded horses have the option of being out at night and in during the day during the summer months or periods of extreme heat. The horses are checked daily for injuries and overall well being.

Co-Op (Self Care) Boarding

Indoor Co-Op Board -  $320+hst per month

Owner provides own shavings, hay, and grain. You may purchase from our supply or bring in your own. We have bi-monthly hay, feed, and shavings deliveries made to the farm.  

What is included:

  • Full use of facilities
  • Stall with rubber mats
  • Turn Out Paddock
  • Use of Equipment (wheel barrow’s, pitch fork, buckets, troughs)
  • Utilities and basic facility liability insurance (highly recommended that all boarders have their own insurance)
  • Tack Locker
  • Management/Removal of manure pile & general property upkeep
  • We will move and place big bales of hay as needed into paddocks
  • Grain 2x per day as part of co-op chores

How it works:

Self care boarders are required to share the work load among the boarders for the care of the horses. This includes; feeding, blanketing, turn out/in, stall mucking, general tidying up your area, cleaning water buckets/troughs etc.. and basic farm chores.

Boarder will split the work load and work in shifts. Ie. Boarder A morning feed and turn out, boarder B does stalls, boarder C does night turn in and feed, boarder d basic farm chores; water arena, clean water buckets etc… Boarders will work together to get the daily tasks completed. The more people a part of the co-op the less shifts would be required. Basic maintenance will be required -if you or your horse breaks it you fix it! I.e. fencing, stall repairs etc. We will ask all co-op boarders to place their change up to $5 per month to go into the slush fund which will be used when repairs are needed. If the amount exceeds what is in the slush fund boarders will be billed and it will be split accordingly or to one individual depending on cause of damage. Repairs should remain fairly minor.

Vet and Farrier

You are welcome to use ours or your own. You or a fellow co-op boarder must be present to hold your horse for the vet or farrier. If you are unavailable, you may book in advance REC staff at $20 per hour (billed in 15min increments)

Horses must be kept on an approved herd health program. Will be required to follow the barn's deworming schedule.


Lessons are available to be booked with REC Coaches, you are welcome to book and bring in approved outside coaches for a $20 ring fee ($15 for each additional rider in the lesson) outside coaches must provide proof of insurance.

All co-op boarders are asked to take a minimum of 2 lessons per month. However you may bring in your own coach, or opt to switch to training, or clinics when offered. All boarders to receive a discounted rate on lessons when on their own horse.

Additional Services/Rates for Co-op boarders:

Hire/Book REC staff to do your chores: $20 per hour (billed by 15min increments)

This includes your scheduled shift, holding for vet/farrier, bandage changes/first aid, hand walking etc.


The work load will be evenly distributed among the boarders and a monthly schedule will be made. Boarders may trade shifts if needed or may book REC staff member to take their shift in advance. You will however be 100% responsible for your shift. Everyone will work together and within/around their schedules and barn schedules. Morning Feed & Turn out must be done between 6am-8:30am  Stalls must be done before evening turn in. Turn in & night feed between 6pm-8pm.  

Co-Op Outdoor Board - $375 + hst per month

Owner to provide own grain and horse care.

What is included:

  • Turn out field with shelter and automatic or heated waters
  • Hay
  • Use of Equipment (wheel barrow’s, pitch fork, buckets, troughs)
  • Utilities and basic facility liability insurance (highly recommended that all boarders have their own insurance)
  • Tack Locker
  • Management/Removal of manure pile & general property up keep.
  • We will move and place big bales of hay as needed into paddocks
  • Grain 1x per day as part of co-op chores

How it works:

Same as indoor self care however there will be no stall mucking and much less work required. Primarily grain fed 1x per day, filling/cleaning water troughs, changing blankets etc. Should not require much more than 1hr per shift and stopping by to change blankets if needed as the weather dictates. Some help with basic farm chores. Grain fed must be done either AM or PM however all outdoor boarders must agree on wether is will remain consistently a AM or PM feedings so that the horses may keep a regular schedule. 

Boarding at Royale Equestrian Centre is more than just a place to house your horse.

 We provide great care, with an exceptional team and  friendly atmosphere. Riding at REC mean's being a part of a wonderful supportive team,.

With a lovely facility, central location, fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. you and your horse will feel right at home..

Great care is essential but combined with lots of educational opportunities, great people,  and support is what makes our farm truly special. .

Everyone is a part of the team no matter if you are a pleasure rider or competitor.